If you aren’t using Canva, you should start today!

– Carla

Last year I was introduced to an online graphic design app called Canva. Today, I don’t know how I would work without it (I use it every day).

This is why I love it:

There are loads of premade templates (social media ads, header images, profile images and others which need to be a specific size) to use AND you can use custom dimensions for your designs.

Canva custom size PomegraniteCanva templates Pomegranite

The elements and pre-made text designs make me look and, more importantly, feel like a real designer.


Canva has a bunch of tutorials from beginner to advanced level. These tutorials focus on everything from using the application to learning about the fundamentals of design.

Canva tutorials Pomegranite

There are a bunch of other great features like creating a team and sharing your designs with one another. Canva saves all of your designs and is the easiest design programme around. Time to start designing!