Meta ads shewalksthewalk

Amplifying your brand’s voice through Meta ads

Slicked-back hair and impeccable suits have given way to comfy pants and Zoom meetings. Newspaper ads and billboards have transformed into carefully curated Facebook posts and Instagram stories.

WordPress basics course

Learn WordPress basics with Pomegranite’s new online course

We love building online courses for our clients. We love training clients on how to use WordPress so they can update their own websites. It took us surprisingly long to join these dots for ourselves: what if we created our own online course to teach people

Mid-year social media news update

Mid-year social media news update

As a company that deals heavily with social media, it’s important to us to stay in the loop in terms of the latest social media news. With companies constantly making new changes and innovations, there’s often a lot to talk about!

How to build brands with character

How to build brands with character

What makes a brand memorable? Is it that inspiring ad that we can't seem to stop talking about, the vibrant logo that we instantly recognise, or is there something deeper that goes beyond aesthetics?


Using technology to drive positive social change

It's hard to overstate the influence of technology on our daily lives. From the ways we connect with each other on social media to the ways we shop and even fall in love. But, what's even more exciting is the way technology has become an

Is DALL-E 2 the future of art

Is DALL-E 2 the future of art?

If you haven’t heard about it, DALL-E 2 is an AI system that creates an original image from a descriptive prompt given by a user. For my skills share, I gave our team a walk-through of the system and posed the question “Is Dall-E a

Noreply: Email marketing basics

Noreply: Email marketing basics

Email marketing can be a tricky topic with many nuances, and is sometimes overlooked. This blog contains an overview of the elements you can pay attention to to level up your strategy.

Accessibility and social media

Traffic lights beep faster before the light goes green. Wheelchair ramps sit next to entrance steps. Braille is stamped into tv remotes. In the real world, accessibility tools for people with disabilities are (relatively) prevalent.

Two pieces of a puzzle

Have you found that feeling?

Over the years, I've come to realise that it’s not the ‘power’ or ‘value’ of social media that people need to learn more about; What is missing is a feeling. A sense of belonging, knowing there’s a place on social media that fits and is

Non-profit digital marketing

Understanding the unique landscape of the non-profit sector

At Pomegranite, our mission says: “We work with non-profits, change-makers and thought-leaders to craft their online presence. We believe everyone should have a voice.” We’ve refined it repeatedly over the years with our team, getting to the heart of who we want to work with, and

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