Clarity heatmaps FAQs

Using Clarity heatmaps to see how your target audience uses your website

Clarity heatmaps is open source technology that allows you to get a very clear sense of which areas on your website pages drive the most engagement, including:

Which areas people click on

Clarity heatmaps FAQs

How far they scroll down each page before dropping off

Clarity heatmaps FAQs

and a whole lot more.

It shows you exactly how users behave on your website, giving you real insights to make data-driven decisions.

Intrigued? The official Clarity heatmaps FAQ page is a good source to explore if you’re interested in any specific information.

Here’s what we love about it:

So much thought and care is put into a website build based on our – and your – best guesses about what your unique target audience will find most useful and engaging. After a site is launched, Google Analytics can tell us a lot about how users interact with it (and we use this tool to great effect too), but Heatmaps allows you to see exactly how users behave in such a visual way.

This gives you a form of (extremely affordable) UX testing that you can analyse regularly to help you make key decisions on how to improve the user experience on your website, and increase your engagement.

Once installed on your website, it’s a powerful tool you can use for the foreseeable future to gain insights into user behaviour.

We’ve spent some time exploring this software on our own website, and are excited about the ways in which we believe it could help our clients.

How we can help you use this tool:

1) We can install heatmaps on your website, setting you up to observe and measure user behaviour in real time on a dashboard.

2) After a month or two (the window is really up to you), we would do an audit, analysing the data to get a sense of what users gravitate towards on your site, and what’s not working as well as it could. This is presented in a short PDF report.

3) Based on our findings of how users are behaving on your website and how content is being consumed, we will recommend a list of five suggested site improvements. These will be presented in a quote, which you can treat as a shopping list, choosing none, some, or all for us to implement.

Does this sound like something your organisation would find useful? Please get in touch or fill in the short form below.

We’d love to help make your website better and better, the more we’re able to learn about what people really want from it.

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