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keep trackin google analytics

Keep on trackin’

In March this year, Google Analytics announced that Universal Analytics (UA) - the web analytics tool we’ve been using since 2012 - would stop processing hits in July 2023.

Your guide to self-care this holiday season

Your guide to self-care this holiday season

The holiday season is almost here! We have festive fun with family and friends to look forward to…right? We know that this joyous time can be one of the most stressful too, so follow our guide to not only surviving, but thriving this festive season.

True Crime Pomegranite blog

Why are we hooked on true crime?

Everywhere you look, there’s a new podcast, series or book delving into the twisted details of solved and unsolved true crime stories. With these stories going into disturbing detail and without the comfort of knowing that the stories are made up, lately I’ve found myself

Speaking to the 5 Love Languages at work

Speaking to the 5 Love Languages at work

Understanding the love languages of those around us goes a long way in nurturing relationships. Interested in seeing if one could apply the 5 Love Languages at work, we at Pomegranite took the 5 Love Languages quiz again to brush up on our knowledge.

Do you know how much time you’re spending on your phone?

By Melissa Photo by Tofros.com Yes, there are many remarkable pros to our mobile phones, but I can’t help wondering about the cons and how much time we are actually spending on our phones. Time on your phone happens in short bursts all through the day, but

Mind full or mindful at work?

Working mindfully and consciously is key to a fulfilling and successful career. Being actively present at work gives meaning to your endeavours, reduces stress and increases engagement.

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