Your guide to self-care this holiday season

Your guide to self-care this holiday season

By Melissa

Photo by Réka T.

The holiday season is almost here! We have festive fun with family and friends to look forward to…right? We know that this joyous time can be one of the most stressful too, so follow our guide to not only surviving, but thriving this festive season.

Remember the “me” in merry
The holiday season often means little time for oneself. Engage in self-care activities – meditation, exercise, a hobby you enjoy – to ensure you take as much care of yourself as you do of others.

Schedule your gift shopping
Whether online or in person, plan ahead and schedule your gift shopping like you would a personal appointment, and preferably before December 15th. This should give you enough time for your online orders to be delivered and free up some head space to focus on wrapping up at work before heading off for your Christmas break or catching up with old friends.

Or forego gift shopping altogether
Change things up this year in favour of gifting an experience. Instead of having a present to open, you’ll share special moments with your loved ones and say goodbye to last-minute shopping trips.

Be money mindful
Holiday spending quickly adds up and can leave you feeling stressed and cash-strapped. Set your budget and keep track with a holiday budgeting app.

Find your balance
Christmas is often all about excess – but the enjoyment is short-lived. Make time for a yoga session, a swim or some much needed sleep to ensure you give yourself time to recover.

Be present
As you decorate your tree, wrap gifts or spend time with family, take a breath and give yourself permission to let go of work stressors and still-to-do items on your list.

Just say “no”
It’s tough, especially over the holidays, but saying no will allow you to spend quality time with your nearest and dearest, and get some much needed rest after another tough year during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wishing you a happy and balanced festive season. We hope these tips help you ‘sleigh’ the holiday’s ahead.