How do you share passwords safely

How do you share passwords safely?

By Melissa

Photo by Liam Tucker

Online security is something everyone has to pay attention to – more and more, these days. We take it very seriously at Pomegranite, from big things like ensuring all our websites have strong security, to little questions like: how do you safely share website passwords with clients?

We’ve discovered a great resource called Sendinc – a fast and free way to send encrypted emails.

What we really like about it is the fact that no software is required to use this email solution, you can send or receive encrypted mails using your existing email address. Email recipients just need to log in to their own (free) Sendinc account in order to view emails received, thereby verifying that the user reading the message is the intended recipient.

Emails received are retained for a period of 7 days in your Sendinc inbox – so make sure you save any important information (safely) before the email is deleted.

If you like the sound of this resource, you can create your own account here.