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How to turn your fa-fur-ite friend into a petfluencer

By Melissa

Photo by Karsten Winegeart

The petfluencer phenomenon is a thriving business for their digitally savvy owners. Nowadays, these furry personalities are teaming up with famous brands, selling merchandise and publishing books.

All of this is made paw-sible with the highly engaged online communities hooked on their cuteness and latest antics captured by the pup-arazzi.

Have you been thinking about creating a social media profile for your fa-fur-ite friend? Take a look below for some tips and tricks for making them Insta-famous.

Define your style
A consistently styled feed is easily identifiable by fans and will keep them coming back for more. Jiffpom, the most followed dog on Instagram and one of the cutest pomeranians around, uses images from a couple of good photoshoots using props and outfits, which are then posted over time. No complaints here as long as the cute photos keep on coming!

Content variation
Using a variety of content will keep your audience interested. Photo and video posts will help you show up in your followers’ feeds, reels can help to reach new audiences, and stories are a great way to connect with your fans through, for example, polls. The adorable Nala Cat will show you how it’s done.

Animals in costumes
If your furry friend is game for playing dress-up, build up a fun wardrobe for them to score major points with their followers. Former Instagrammer of the Year, Doug the Pug‘s costume game is on point and he has even been dressed by Versace.

Fan engagement
Interact with your followers to make them feel appreciated. You can also fuel conversations to improve your account’s engagement rate.

Making your pet a su-paw-star takes regular posting to the account. We suggest daily stories and at least two feed posts per week.

Give back
Helping those in need is one of the best ways to use social media. Esther the Wonder Pig’s owners have opened Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary, a place to care for Esther and other animals in need. They also use her platform to shine a light on pig farms and encourage followers to reduce their consumption of animal products.

Can’t get enough of these paw-some pets? Check out the feeds of some of our favourite petfluencers for further inspiration: Jill the Squirrel, Juniper the Foxx and Smoothie the Cat.