Rowan Jason Project Manager

Meet Rowan

By Sarah

Sometimes it really does feel like the right people cross paths with you at the perfect time.

With Melissa’s promotion to Operations Manager at Pomegranite (the best thing to happen since Taylor Swift rerecorded her music for herself), we needed more project management capacity within the team. I think it was maybe two days after Liz and I had this conversation when we heard that Rowan – someone we’d worked with before and knew well – was looking for a PM role.

Hello universe! Many thanks.

Having done some work with Rowan on a freelance basis over the last couple years, we knew that his attention to detail was amazing, he always delivered ahead of deadlines, he was kind, considerate, respectful and funny, and, always our favourite, his communication skills were excellent.

As expected, he aced the test and interview process with us, and joined the team at the beginning of June.

Having had a window into Pomegranite’s work processes and culture before, and because he’s so conscientious and on top of things, the onboarding has been pretty seamless, and we are thrilled to have Rowan as part of the Pomegranite family – officially now.

Some might find it intimidating joining an all-women team, but, as you can tell from this snippet of (tongue-in-cheek) conversation from a recent team meeting, he slots right in:

Liz: No one was more surprised than us to hire a white man. But, you know, we do value diversity.

Rowan: As the only man, I appreciate that.

Here’s a bit more about Rowan in his own words:

1) Can you describe your experience of Pomegranite thus far in three words?
Welcoming, organised, exciting.

2) When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
I always wanted to be a vet like my dad, but soon realised I didn’t have the stomach for it.

3) Project management can be something of a broad term, and the nuts and bolts of it tend to vary from company to company. Having a window into project management at Pomegranite, what would you say is the main ingredient of this vital role here?
Definitely good communication. I believe that focusing on clear and open communication is key to overcoming most obstacles, not just in your work life, but in your personal relationships as well. Communication is the glue that holds the ship of success together.

4) Tell us one surprising thing about you.
Right after high school I went to culinary school, so my first career path was a classically trained chef.

He is also:

A tech junkie. Cat dad of three. Varsity College IT graduate with a passion for problem solving. Self-taught web developer. Passionate about video games, both playing and creating. Can never have enough tattoos, gaming, cooking, movies, and gyming.

Welcome to the team, Rowan!

P.S. As a classically trained chef, did he make a pomegranate pie for the team for his first in-person co-working day? Yes, yes he did.

Pomegranate pie