Five things lately

– Sarah

We’re usually pretty good about posting a blog regularly, but I checked yesterday and our last one was at the end of August. Oops.

We’ve been busy at Pomegranite. Really flippen busy. So here’s a little round-up of five things that have been going on lately:

1. We went to WordCamp

Pomegranite spent two days at WordCamp learning about the all latest and greatest things to do with WordPress. We hit some golf balls. Liz was better than all the guys. We left feeling inspired (by this performance and the talks).


2. We’ve been building

It’s been all hands on deck with the websites we’ve been building lately because there’s so much on the go. One site we built in just three days (not something we’d like to do again in a hurry, but something we’re proud of nonetheless). Here’s one of our favourite sites – a portfolio website for a very lovely artist from Stanford.


3. We got ourselves VAT registered

After several trips to SARS and a number of existential crises later, Pomegranite is now officially registered for VAT – we’re all grown up! Quite a milestone, and one that was celebrated with champagne.


4. We’ve been busy living

In between all the work, we’ve been living our own lives. Some things:

Carla’s reclaiming some sanity on holiday at the Breede River (vital and deserved).

Riyad ran the Cape Town Marathon like a champion (viva compression pants).

Liz swam in rock pools at Beaverlac (and still managed to phone me from a tickey box about work – no signal, no problem).

Alex might be getting an awesome flat in town (she’s had enough me-time in the traffic so we’re holding thumbs for her).

I’m counting the days til a trip to Thailand and Cambodia (there are a lot of days in three weeks. A lot.)

5. The other day, I went downstairs for about 30 seconds and came back to this scene, which I feel is a pretty accurate summary of how we all feel. You know, in a good way.