carla working

Back to school: HTML5, CSS3 and responsive design

– Carla

When you work at Pomegranite you have to get used to a few things. One of those things is the fact that your bosses are fantastic strong women who encourage you to be fantastic and strong. Also they check up on you, regularly! And they can see when you have hit a wall and need some help moving forward.

Three and a half weeks ago my lovely bosses Sarah and Liz called me into the boardroom for a meeting. A daunting invitation at the best of companies! The reason for the meeting: “How are you feeling? Are you still happy? Also, we would like to send you to school.”

I have been attending the Friends of Design HTML5, CSS and Responsive Design part-time course for three weeks now. And I have learnt loads! Also I have absolutely relished the opportunity to be back in an environment where I am learning, making new friends and expanding my skill set.

My CSS capabilities have grown from ‘Ahhh – I can’t get this to work’ to ‘Whoop, whoop! Check out my badass skills!’ And I am still learning!

For me, there is nothing more exciting and invigorating than learning. It is where I am most challenged and alive. This is probably why every morning after class I show and/or tell everyone what I did the night before. Despite the fact that I know that they all could live with less regular updates – I cannot help but be excited.

Looking back to the first blog I wrote at Pomegranite over a year ago, it is clear that the support and happiness that I described is not only still around but it continues to grow.