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Back to work

by Carla

At Pomegranite we eased back into things with a first week consisting of half-days and ending with an Inspiration Day. Getting back into the swing of work is always challenging after the festive season. Our method, we think, is much kinder on the soul. We managed to find joy in returning to work while holding onto the replenishment that comes from two weeks of napping, eating ice cream, afternoon beers, and swimming.

Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy blog New Year

At the beginning of February, we’re moving to a wonderful new office space (more on that soon!), so for our first Inspiration Day of the year we decided to nourish our office plants ahead of the move. They were looking a bit sad after the break (sorry plants).

We met at Liz’s house which just so happens to be located in the idyllic Camps Bay right on the beach (poor Liz – but someone has to live there).

Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy blog beach scavengers

Most of our plants are of the cacti variety. However our gardening implements were few and our injuries as a result of said cacti, and lack of gardening implements, were many. Despite this, it was a strangely soothing experience.

Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy blog prickly plants

After the repotting we went out for pizzas and goal-setting (where possible, goal-setting should always be accompanied by pizza).

Here are some of the things we came up with:

  • Pomegranite School (learning from each other once a week)
  • Forcing lunch breaks (we tend toward workaholic tendencies)
  • Upskilling according to our strengths and weaknesses, and new things we’re keen to learn
  • Feeling secure
  • Committing to a culture of happiness


Then we walked along the Camps Bay strip in the sunshine sipping milkshakes, because sometimes that’s just what your soul needs.

Basically we are ready for 2016. Are you?