Our favourite new tool for digital project feedback

Our favourite new tool for digital project feedback

By Melissa

Photo by cottonbro

usepastel.com is a newly discovered tool we’re using to make the review and feedback process for digital projects simpler and faster. The best part about it is that you can give feedback on any website, image or PDF directly in your browser.

Sound too good to be true? Keep reading!

To get started, you create a canvas out of any digital design element you’d like to provide or require feedback on. This could be anything from an existing website you’d like to make some updates to, to an unpublished WordPress website, to a Mailchimp newsletter, to a digital ad that’s part of your latest social media campaign. You or any number of guests can then seamlessly connect on your design and comment on your canvas in real-time using your unique canvas link. Users are able to respond to comments and resolve them once the feedback has been actioned.

It’s that simple!

For website-related projects, you have the option to view the website in desktop or mobile format, making it super easy to assess the optimisation of the site. You can also view the site in “browse” or “comment” modes, enabling you to switch between browsing the site as a user would and leaving relevant comments.

With a paid plan, you have the added benefits of tagging users in a comment to get their attention and attaching images to comments if you’d like to make your feedback clearer.

Take a look at this video for a quick overview of what it’s like to usepastel.com:

There’s a free plan, as well as various paid plan options. If you like the sound of this online tool, click here to get started.