Dogs in the office are always a good idea

By Sarah

There must be impressive stats on this – how dogs in the workplace boost morale and make people happier, more relaxed. I’m not going to Google these stats. Know why? Because I feel so happy and relaxed on account of the dog in our office today.

Meet Blue. Carla adopted her from DARG and she is just the loveliest thing.

We first met Blue a few years ago when she visited us at our office in Harrington Street and we fell in love with her immediately. Every now and then we ask Carla if she would mind bringing her to the office for the day. Today was one of those days, and it’s been bloody great.

For example:

Ok, so I actually was curious and Googled this. As I predicted, there are millions of articles on this topic, all basically saying the same thing. Dogs make us calmer, less stressed and more productive (this last one I might query because all I want to do is play with Blue, but ja maybe). Because they lower your blood pressure, they make for healthier employees. They also make people nicer to one another.

Conclusion: we should probably make this a regular activity.

Actual comment received via WhatsApp: “That dog is better than you at selfies.” Fair.