Pomegranite first quarter

Coaching, crack and foot massages: A look back at Pomegranite’s first quarter

Pomegranite started as an idea keeping me awake one night when I felt particularly lost and unsure of how to make my way in the world. It quickly became a business plan in an old notebook by lamplight with the working title, Pomegranate, because it’s my mum’s favourite fruit and I needed something that would give this fragile idea a sense of life and vibrancy.

Very soon, I had a conversation with Sarah about this crazy idea I had thought up and invited her to join me. She worked her seemingly-never-ending notice period and we’ve been working together ever since. Here are my top five memories of our first quarter together as Pomegranite.

5. Accidentally deleting our first website 48hrs before showing it to the client

This is number five because, while I’ll NEVER forget the feeling, it wasn’t particularly pleasant! Sarah did well to keep a firm grip on tranquility. Very firm. We did some amazing crisis management, delivered on time and the client loved it. Whew.

4. Business coaching and seeing how far we can go

We went to see fantastic business coach and the experience deserves a whole blog post in itself – that’ll be coming up soon – but what struck me was how far I felt we had come in one day. The workshop took how we thought about the business to a whole new level and we’re still feeding off the motivation.

3. Laughing and laughing together

One of my favourite comments from Sarah came last Friday talking about a troublesome CMS: “It makes me want to shoot crack into my veins or whatever you do with crack!” That Sarah, she’s such a badass.

2. Getting our Pomegranite business cards

It was a gloriously sunny Friday. They had been delivered to Sarah’s house and we were meeting a client together. They were so clean, so bright! But most importantly, they were ours.

1. Reaching our first financial milestone

Seeing the businesses grow makes us pleased as punch but reaching our first financial milestone earlier than expected – that’s a really special feeling. Its confirmation you’re on the right road, that the work is good and that clients are happy. To celebrate, we’re off for our first incentive – a fabulous foot massage!

  • Andrew Browne

    October 7, 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Well done to you both! Your hard work and dedication will lead to great things! Keep it up!

    • pomegranite

      October 7, 2013 at 7:39 pm

      Ah thank you, Drew! We really appreciate it. Lots of love to you, Nix, Eth and Bel!