Perks of a co-working space

Pomegranite is a wonderful company to work for in and of itself. Another great experience I have had since starting here is the discovery attached to working in a co-working building. Here are, in my opinion, the top five perks of co-working life:

  1. Co-working keeps it fresh

Working in a co-working space means that I am exposed to lots of different people doing completely different things to me, and slightly similar things to me, on a daily basis. I work in the same space as people who make jewellery, people who make perfume, photographers, artists, digital marketers, surface designers and many more. Although this may just seem like an interesting aside, it is also useful. A fresh and vibrant atmosphere has proved extremely conducive to creativity.

  1. Outside perspective is a desk away

Sometimes you can get too close to your project and lose perspective. Often I turn around and ask Stacey from Add-On what she thinks of this or that idea. Does this sentence sound alright? And Sarah and Liz are able to ask Ashton (also for Add-On) what he thinks about this or that aspect of an e-commerce site – three heads being better than two.


  1. I am part of a larger community

Wednesdays are Eastern Food Bazaar days. We have delicious curry, Chinese food or falafels and eat lunch together as a family. We call them family lunches and they are always really fun.


  1. Real, long lasting relationships develop

I have been with Pomegranite a little over three months and already I feel as though I have developed some great interpersonal relationships not only with my fellow Pomegranites but also with my fellow co-workers. At school it is normal for you to develop friendships that extend beyond school. I have always thought that work is just grown-up school and I see the exact same pattern just with less politics and drama (I went to an all-girls school). How is this different from making friends at a conventional workplace? I would argue that the lack of shared work/shared worry allows for some freedom within the friendship.


  1. Somebody always wants to make you tea

This may sound silly but having someone offer to make you tea is great. It makes me feel so loved. Not only that but to me it seems like a sense of appreciation. People make tea and think to offer everyone on the floor because we all enjoy one another. The tea drinking is plentiful at 75 Harrington!