2017 Pomegranite

Goal setting in the New Year

Pomegranite has been back in the office since the 5th of January and so far, we’ve been slowly easing into the New Year. When Riyad arrived back at work on the 12th, the office finally felt complete again, and so we set off on an inspiration afternoon on the 13th. The activity of choice? Handstands, picnicking, ripe mango and goal setting for the year to come.

One of the best parts of working at Pomegranite is that you matter as a whole human, not just as an employee. Although our work goals are most relevant to Pomegranite, our personal goals for the year will impact all aspects of our lives and as such are given attention and time.

These are some of the things we are most looking forward to:

Office plants

We are talking huge elephant ears and hanging plants from the ceiling. This is serious adult stuff!


On-going learning is one of the things that keeps work interesting and fresh and we have already starting branching off into our individual learning projects.

Office yoga and real lunch breaks

Upon reflection, we realised that a proper break at lunch time is necessary to do the best work possible. Some of us have committed ourselves to lunch break yoga and others to eating away from our desks.

Finding the work that makes us happy

Some work pays the bills and some work feeds the soul while still paying the bills. This year we are committed to finding more of the latter.

Leading a stress-free life

This year we are committed to recognising the difference between the things we can control and the things that we can’t.

Happy 2017!