Pomegranite goodbye 2021

A goodbye to 2021

By Sarah

A few days ago I was with someone during quite a big moment in their life, and they were really emotional. “I’ve been finding that I’m so much more maudlin this year,” they said, smiling through a real fruit salad of feelings.

I’ve been thinking about that a lot, and I don’t think that maudlin is exactly right. It’s more like, over the past two years, we’ve just been cracked open. And so there’s less of a tough shell to deflect difficult things, but it also means that the good stuff pours right in, to the core of us.

At Pomegranite, we’ve been taking turns holding up the ceiling for each other during the tough moments, and revelling in the good together (there has been so much good).

I am continuously surprised at the impact that the support of a wonderful team can have.

I’m here.
What do you need?
How can I help?

Equally, the joy to be found in funny moments, kind words from happy clients, gentle teasing, and glowing pride in times of growth, has also felt like a warm bath in a Cape Town winter.

One of my favourite days this whole year was one we spent together in October – only the second time we’ve managed to meet in person all year. It started with a team photo shoot, which really set the tone of hilarity. Why is it that the moment a camera is pointed at you, arms become the most awkward things that have ever existed? Just me?

Pomegranite 2021

(You can see the pics that did make the cut here – thanks to the very talented Lance Daniels, who also happens to have great taste in life partners. Plus a big thank you to CHIPS, the dreamy co-working space we used as a venue and can’t wait to return to for coworking days – and a treat of a client to boot.)

When I think about the afternoon that followed at Constantia Glen wine farm, the rolling toasts, the genuine thank yous, the ridiculous stories, and the tears of laughter that rolled and rolled down my face alarming the poor waiter, I feel the loss of not being able to have the Christmas party we had planned this year.

But – how lucky to feel that way. How lucky to have a team of who gets on so well. How lucky to have the type of business that allows us to work safely and remotely – and with clients all over the world. How lucky to have been able to thrive during a time that has been so difficult for so many other industries. We do not take that lightly.

How lucky to have a network of partners, suppliers and clients who bring us such exciting, challenging, interesting work. Thank you. We do not take that lightly either.

So much of what’s been joyous about this difficult year has come down to human connection. It may not always be in person anymore, but it’s there. And, thanks to you, so are we.

Have a wonderful break. We look forward to connecting again in the New Year, refreshed and ready for what’s to come (we’ve stopped even trying to predict things!).

Happy holidays!

P.S. At least one project manager and one social media manager will be holding the Pomegranite fort during the holiday period, so if you need anything, please email info@pomegranite.co.za and you will find human connection.

Pomegranite 2021