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Pomegranite’s new Head of Social Media

By Sarah

About four years ago, we interviewed Nicole for a social media position at Pomegranite. We moved a bit too slowly and it didn’t work out – and she became known as “the one who got away”. Until a year later… when her name popped up in an application for another social media position.

I can still hear Liz’s, “Oooooh ooooooh!” as she showed me the application.

It’s been almost three years now, since Nicole became a Pomegranite. One of the things I love most about this company is that, even though it’s small, there is so much room to grow within your role, to learn, to make it what you want it to be – if you have the initiative and passion.

Well, there’s no telling Nicole twice. She is one of those people who, when confronted with something she doesn’t know (an unusual occurrence), rather than being panicked, responds with, “Oh that’s interesting!” and makes it her mission to find out everything she can about it.

She then takes that knowledge and looks through its lens at the work we’re doing for clients, asking: could we do things differently? Would this get us better results? What if we tell the story this way instead?

Then she’ll talk to us about how we’re marketing our offering. What she thinks we should change.

Her curiosity, drive, dedication and way of thinking are exceptional, and it’s been one of our biggest joys watching her grow over the years.

When we asked her, a couple weeks ago, if she would like to accept the position of Head of Social Media at Pomegranite, in classic Nicole style she started dreaming aloud of everything the social media arm of the business could be.

We are so proud of her – so proud to have her on our team.

In honour of this well-deserved promotion, we asked her some questions.

What do you find most interesting about social media right now? 

Social media is an entire world in itself where user behavior constantly changes.  A bizarre fact I recently learned is that 96 percent of social media users that talk about a brand online, don’t even follow the brand’s profile. What we knew about targeting users with brand content last year is different to how we approach exactly the same task today. That’s why I love it, and that’s why it will always be interesting to me.

Having worked here for almost three years, tell us one thing people might not know about Pomegranite?

I’ve never experienced or heard of a company culture quite like the one we have at Pomegranite. As you grow, so do the people around you and so does the company itself, and in that way Pomegranite starts to feel like an extension of who you are.

What’s your top social media tip for 2021?  

Organic user engagement is tougher than it’s ever been to achieve, while at the same time, people are spending more time on social media than they ever have in history. Brands want results right now, so it’s easy to take the quick route and run some paid ads, but this is not a long-term solution to building a valuable online community that believes in your brand and its offering. My top tip is to make time. Take the time to create content that your audience will love, be creative, mix video with striking images and polls, stay on top of trending topics and just be human. If you shift the focus away from your brand and think audience-first, you’ll be able to create amazing content, and improve organic engagement.

Congrats, Nicole! We can’t wait to see what’s in store for you (and Pomegranite’s social media division!) next.

  • Lliag cupido

    Jun 4, 2021 at 5:01 pm

    Congratulations cuz.. All the best on your new journey

  • Tasneem Hendricks-Toefy

    Jun 4, 2021 at 5:59 am

    Wow Nicole, so proud of you. Knew you were going to bring it far in life