We’re hiring: Social media strategist & community manager

We’re looking for a social media strategist and community manager who gets excited about social media, one of those people who always knows when Facebook is changing its algorithms, someone who doesn’t run screaming from SnapChat.

Do you have your finger on the pulse of what’s working in social media and what isn’t?

The right person needs to be:

• A graduate/have a tertiary education
• Experienced – ideally one or two years’ experience in a similar role
• Based in Cape Town
• Available for a full-time position
• Good with words, creative, grammar-conscious, have a good sense of humour
• Experienced with social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc)
• Able to interpret analytics in reporting and adjust campaigns accordingly
• Driven, bright, resourceful, motivated, able to take initiative (i.e. we would like to be able to give you some direction, but then have you run with a campaign)
• Able to see the broad trajectory of a campaign as it unfolds while not missing out on individual engagement opportunities
• Able to manage your own time, be responsible for your own deadlines
• Manage a wide range of social media accounts – be as comfortable working with a luxury safari brand as a human rights organisation
• A team player with people skills
• Able to work well under pressure (There will be pressure. But there will also be “inspiration days” every month.)


• Some design skills
• Experience with Google AdWords
• Knowledge of WordPress

The role will involve:

• Developing social media strategies and monthly content for a broad range of clients
• Monitoring accounts on a daily basis
• Engaging with various online communities
• Reviewing and reporting on performance
• Working within brand protocols
• Listening to and engaging in relevant social discussions about our brands and their industries

A bit about us:

Pomegranite was started four years ago by Liz and Sarah – English Lit grads who decided there was a gap in the market for well-built websites that tell the right stories about brands. Since then, it’s grown by two: Riyad, our awesome front-end developer with a weakness for online shopping, and Carla, our golden-haired junior who does a bit of everything (and does it bloody well).

We work hard but we believe in a work-life balance and enjoying what we do (as far as possible). It’s a fun office environment and a day never goes by without a whole lot of laughter.

Once a month we have “inspiration days” where we spend the morning or afternoon (or sometimes the day) out of the office doing something cool – like relaxing at the dam at Silvermine, painting pottery at Clay Café, eating ice cream sandwiches on the promenade, or sliding down the Super Tubes at Muizenberg. We find that getting outside our usual work environment results in interesting ideas about projects or new ideas to implement in the office.

There will be huge learning opportunities in the role, the chance to be autonomous and develop client relationships.

Start date: Ideally ASAP but it’s important that it’s the right person – hopefully no later than July 2016

Salary bracket: R10000 – R13000 p/m (experience dependent)

Applicants should send their CV, a cover letter and a case study of an account they have managed to info@pomegranite.co.za.