Mr.grumpy Pomegranite bad day at work

How to deal with a bad day at work

By Alex

I love my job, but that doesn’t mean that every day isn’t irritation-free. Anything ranging from bouncing emails, negative client feedback or the internet conking out can completely ruin your day.

You also can’t always separate your work and home life, which means that you could behave like a chop in the office because your washing machine is broken – again. This year Pomegranite has started a weekly catch up session called “What’s your vibe?” (because Cape Town). It’s very informal and provides us with a space to share both good and bad things that are happening in our week. Very often just letting your team know what’s going on with a project you’re working on can fix a bad day at work. But if that’s not enough, here are some of our favourite things to do to de-stress.

1. Write it down
Sometimes writing down what’s bothering you is a great way to let it go. A scrap of paper or a blank google.doc usually does the trick.

2. Lie on the floor
If you work somewhere where you’re not allowed to lie on the floor we’re sorry. If you ever pop by for a visit and find Liz and Carla with their legs up a wall or Sarah just lying on her mat don’t be alarmed. Taking five minutes out of your day to step away from your desk could be the difference between finishing a brief or spending the day watching cat videos.

Pomegranite bad day at work

3. Go for a walk
In 2016 sitting was dubbed the new smoking. So give your body a break from your revolving chair and get outside.

4. Exercise
Last year Sarah swam a whopping 200km, and, unless a giant person was taking up most of her lane, she found it a great way to forget about a stressful day at work. Carla is our resident yogi and swears by a few sun salutations to kickstart your mood.

5. Drink a Steri Stumpie
A round of chocolate Steri Stumpies for the office on a Thursday afternoon can cure almost anything.

Pomegranite bad day at work