black friday

How to make the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday on Superbalist

By Anja

The appeal of Superbalist is clear: it’s local, reliable, has a huge offering, and deliveries and collections are made easy. Superbalist is also particularly good at speedy returns. First tip: returns are processed even faster if you select the option to take them directly to a Takealot drop-off point, instead of waiting for them to be collected.

Black Friday can be polarising – on one hand, it’s mostly big brands that can afford to cut their prices, since their margins are much bigger, and their production costs much smaller, and small brands not listed on Superbalist may lose out.

On the other hand, I know everyone can appreciate a great deal, especially when most South Africans are also budgeting for our holiday breaks. Discounted prices allow us to purchase things that we otherwise wouldn’t have access to, or the things we need to replace or upgrade. The spend also ensures an energetic contribution to the economy, and Superbalist has an amazing selection of South African labels. Here are some tips to make the most of the discounts you’ll be seeing from Black Friday until Cyber Monday.

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Remember to use this time to cross off things on your Christmas list – and this doesn’t only need to be for your human friends. Superbalist has a fairly new pets range for dogs (I know Melissa, Nicole and Sarah will definitely be browsing this) and getting gifts for your whole family can be a lot of fun.

The game plan

  • Set up your wishlist. The Black Friday rush isn’t a good time for browsing! Make sure the items you’ve been eyeing are already on your wishlist, in your size, so you can add to your cart as swiftly as possible, and you don’t end up spending too much on new things that catch your eye.
  • Stay updated. Deals will vary each day over the weekend, up until Cyber Monday. If there’s something you absolutely need, and you know you won’t get it much cheaper, take a look just after midnight as soon as the deals roll in.
  • It might seem counterintuitive (and slightly strange, given the tip above) but if there’s enough stock of the item you’re wanting (items low in stock will show up orange) wait until after noon, which is when Superbalist sends out their lunch-time mailers. These often contain announcements of even bigger discounts for those who haven’t got swept up in the morning rush.
  • Know your voucher codes: voucher codes will allow you 30-40% off your entire cart (excluding some brands), and are far better for savings. Often, if something is already marked down, a voucher code will shave off even more of the price. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Spend consciously

Amongst the bargain mayhem, it’s important to remember to do your best to consume responsibly, and try and donate any of the items that your new products will be replacing. When you’re not shopping online, make an effort to seek out and support small, conscious brands in your city.

Before you spend this Black Friday, here is a conscious, pre-purchase checklist:

  • Will I wear this more than a handful of times?
  • Will buying this item have a meaningfully impact on my life or my space?
  • If I waited, would I still want it?
  • Does this particular brand have a good ethos?


The things I’ve seen friends and family purchase on Black Friday have led to hours of fun (think scary movies on a new smart TV, or delicious cocktail recipes with a new Nutribullet) and the proximity to the festive season means you can usually enjoy these things with your family and friends over the holidays.

Image by Harry Cunningham