Instagram algorithms

Instagram Algorithms everywhere! Should we panic?

Instagram announced their impending move to an algorithm-based feed earlier this month. According to the photo sharing giant, people miss an average of 70% of content.

So this big change is intended to “improve our experience” as users.

The announcement has brought on a multitude of responses. High on the list is the worry that big brands will continue to get exposure while those who are still growing their following will have a Sisyphean task ahead of them.

Instagrammers have been encouraging followers to turn on post notifications in order to stay updated. However, the move to an algorithm need not cause mass panic.


The algorithm will decide which posts to move up based on your engagement with them. If you regularly like and comment on posts from a particular user, chances are that you will see them in your feed.

The drive from Instagrammers to have followers receive notifications from their account could be a mistake. If you are notified of a post from an account every time they post, chances are you’ll become bored/irritated with the account. You may even unfollow the account. This goes back to the need for organic engagement. If you create good content, your followers will engage with you.

Although the move has not been welcomed by users it is a reminder that above all else content is king!