Let there be office plants

By Sarah

For our March edition of Inspiration Day, we headed off on an office plant buying mission to Starke Ayres in Rosebank.

If you’ve never been to this nursery, you should change that – it’s such a lovely place. So is their tea room.

We began choosing a mixture of hanging plants and larger pot plants. Goal: office jungle on a budget.

I was drawn into conversation by a lady who was collecting signatures for a water saving campaign. She asked if all the plants we were choosing were going to live in the same place, and I told her they were for our office.

She said: “I’ve been watching you ladies and I just want to tell you that I think it’s so wonderful how you all ask one another’s opinions and decide what to choose together so nicely. It must be a very nice place to work, your office.”

She’s not wrong.

We got everything we needed neatly under budget – so the obvious reward was lunch at the tea room, complete with a puppy with oversized ears (which unfortunately had to be left behind).

“Can we get this for smoke breaks?”