Level up your hashtag strategy with Display Purposes

Level up your hashtag strategy with Display Purposes

By Charlotte

Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse

Do you ever feel like you’ve tried every trick in the book when it comes to growing your Instagram account? You’ve posted at certain times of the day, you’ve increased your posting frequency and have even thought about using more hashtags – but who uses those anymore? You may regard hashtags as a thing of the past – they are 12 years old – but you’d be surprised how much hashtags can take your Instagram to the next level.

When it comes to generating hashtags we have found using displaypurposes.com extremely useful. This website gives you the top trending tags to use – and I’m not just talking about #flashbackfriday.

Here are five reasons why we find Display Purposes so helpful:

  1. Improves hashtags

The platform not only suggests hashtags to use but shows how relevant and popular each of the suggestions is. To find hashtags, simply type in a few that you commonly use, or which describe the photo, and the platform will help you by populating alternatives that may perform better. Depending on your selection, up to 30 related hashtags will automatically be generated, however, we recommend using five to 11 on an average post. If a particular hashtag doesn’t return any suggestions, it means that it isn’t commonly searched for.

Non profit - display purposes

Above are the results that appeared when the words “nonprofit” and “activism” were added. The red bar next to the word shows the relevance to the particular word you searched for and the orange bar shows the popularity of the word.

  1. Shows the demographic of a particular hashtag

Another brilliant thing about the site is that it can tell you the demographic of a hashtag. You’ll see the top 10 most similar tags, the gender, age and language it is most used by, as well as the top countries and cities that use it. This can help you identify if you are targeting the right audience.

A cool feature of this demographic section is that it gives you the 10 most popular hashtags relating to yours for 2022. For example, the hashtag most popular that relates to #donate is #charity.

  1. Allows you to search for hashtags by category

You can search for the best hashtags by country, city, gender, age, interest or account type. For example, you could search for the most popular hashtag for those who live in South Africa and are interested in animals. This feature is helpful if you are looking to get an overview of a wide audience, as no more than two filters can be selected.

  1. Helps you target a particular area

Display Purposes has a unique feature that allows you to explore hashtags by area, using a map. You can scroll anywhere in the world and it will show you which hashtags are most popular in that specific location. While certain places have established more hashtags than others, this is particularly useful if you are wanting to engage an audience that is more localised.

  1. Keeps you up to date

Display Purposes frequently releases “how-to” blogs, showing you the latest tips and tricks for Instagram. Unlike other sites, they regularly update their database to filter out banned or spam tags. This helps to prevent your posts from being blocked.

This website is not only handy for those just starting out with social media, but also for anyone who wants to see more results from their hashtags. It’s free and saves you time researching which hashtags work – although it does require some critical thought as to whether the suggested hashtags apply to your post or brand.

If there’s one thing social media has taught me, it’s that even – or especially – when you think you’ve mastered something, it’s worth keeping in mind that trends are constantly changing, and so should your research. You might just surprise yourself with what you find.