Callie Joseph Pomegranite

Meet Callie

By Sarah

The two responses I get most often from Callie, either on Slack or in Zoom meetings, are:

“Got it.” and “I’m on it!”

You know when you look into someone’s eyes as they’re talking to you and you can almost see the mental spreadsheets their brain is running through? Callie has that magical quality, so vital to project management.

Not only is she into structure and supreme organisation, she’s also deeply entrenched in the non-profit space, having come from the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation. That layer of understanding has meant she’s been able to hit the ground running.

Only a couple weeks into her time at Pomegranite, one of our clients said in a meeting, “It’s good to have someone already so connected to our work.”

In short, we’re so glad we found her!

Callie in a nutshell
Sports fanatic. Part of an inclusive and diverse footballing community that supports women empowerment. Stellenbosch graduate with a deep appreciation for structure and planning. Collector of rings, headbands and frames. Obsessed with polaroids and Architectural Digest home tours. Loves a good dance party, picnics and 80s jazz music.

Having given her the tough task of writing about herself as soon as she joined, we made the next bit slightly easier and asked her direct questions to help you get to know her:

Can you describe your experience of Pomegranite thus far in three words?
Supported. Structured. Collaborative.

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Bus driver (pre-school dreams)
Actress (junior and high school)

We featured a blog lately about project management being an underrated skill in our industry. What’s your take on this?
As much as project managers are seemingly jacks of all trades, they work hard to create and maintain momentum where the human factor is incredibly important. They motivate the team and keep it together even when it’s difficult. Project managers need to build trust and develop a sense of community within the team to get projects over the line. They form an essential part of the relationship that helps maximise the success of a business and its marketing strategy in many different ways. As the world advances faster than before and innovation continues to evolve, project managers are able to tap into their creativity to solve problems with the big picture in mind.

Tell us one surprising thing about you.
I lived in Taiwan for a year, in a tiny township called Zhudong, Hsinchu, where I taught English and learnt how to eat literally everything with chopsticks. Rice included.

The most telling thing I can tell you about her is that when Melissa goes on leave next year, it’s Callie who has been entrusted with Melissa’s internal spreadsheets. You must know.

Callie Joseph Pomegranite