Natalie Jepson Pomegranite Consulting

Meet Natalie

By Sarah

When Natalie applied for a position at Pomegranite, she said:

“I have been following the Pomegranite journey for many years and admire the agency, the culture and your incredible work. I have always kept an eye open for potential job openings. I love that the agency has a majority female team too!”

This made Liz giddy – her own words. So, naturally, we interviewed her. And then sent her a writing test. And then invited her for a second interview. And we beamed.

Sometimes, very rarely, you just get an overwhelming feeling that someone belongs. With Natalie, we felt that immediately – not only because she would fit our company culture, but because the way she thinks made us think. The details of the role became something more minor to be ironed out. The most important thing was the value we could see her bringing to our work, and our team.

Even in the middle of the overwhelming first weeks when you’re trying your best to absorb as much information as fast as possible (systems! clients! processes!), Natalie has said a few times, “I just want to make sure that I’m adding value.”

Reader: she is!

We asked her a few questions to get to know her.

Can you describe your experience of Pomegranite thus far in three words?

Forward-thinking, inspirational, supportive

When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A dancer! I danced pretty much my whole life until my mid 20s and it truly was an amazing experience and something I dreamt of doing from very young. Although it did not turn into a career it was still very fulfilling.

Why do you find digital marketing so exciting right now?

The way in which brands and consumers are connecting through various digital platforms and how it’s reshaping storytelling, brand interaction and the global village that we can now all tap into to learn, share ideas, grow strategies and leverage brands through innovative thinking and exciting new implementations.

Tell us one surprising thing about you.

I am obsessed with all the catfish/scam artist stories currently breaking at the moment. Think Anna Delvey, Elizabeth Holmes, The Tinder Swindler, The Bad Vegan – all of them have such interesting and intricate narratives and psychology, I am fascinated how the digital space is also facilitating these narratives.

Welcome, Natalie! We’re so excited to watch your Pomegranite journey unfold.

Natalie Jepson Pomegranite Consulting