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When an Ouma rusk and coffee isn’t quite enough

We’re all taught that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I think that whoever came up with this idea didn’t wake up at 05:30 to leave home by 06:00 to skip the traffic.

But nonetheless, skipping breakfast isn’t great for your brain. Research shows that without a morning bite to eat you’re less productive at work and your problem-solving skills aren’t as sharp as they could be. Most importantly, you’re also grumpy. So to start your day off with a bang, here are my three favourite quick and easy breakfast recipes.

Overnight Oats in an empty jar

overnight oats Pomegranite Consulting

So maybe it’s a little hipster, but you’re being kind to the planet and yourself.

You’ll need:
⅓ cup of oats
½ a banana
½ cup of milk
A hand full of strawberries (or frozen berries depending on the season).
Peanut butter to taste.

Simply chop up the fruit, chuck all the ingredients into the jar, and shake. Leave it in the fridge overnight.

Avo and Bovril toast

avo and bovril toast Pomegranite Consulting

Avo toast for breakfast isn’t exactly a revelation, but adding a touch of Bovril (or Marmite if you’re a veggie) followed by avo, salt and pepper is one of our office favourites. Avo is also packed with fiber and cholesterol-lowering monounsaturated fats.

No-bake brownie breakfast bars

no bake breakfast brownie Pomegranite

Sometimes the only way to start Monday right is with a chocolate breakfast bar. This recipe from The Minimalist Baker is one of my favourites. Taking the time to make these on Sunday afternoon will almost guarantee you’ll have a great week.

You only need seven ingredients and they’re freezer-friendly – win.