Pomegranite turns 10

Pomegranite turns 10

By Sarah

1 July 2023 marked 10 years since we started Pomegranite. It’s surreal.

When Liz and I sat down a decade ago to write our business plan, we decided to pepper it with ways we would celebrate big milestones. For our 10th birthday, we thought, we’d have a big party, with an exciting entrance via parachute (how dramatic were our 20s!).

What we didn’t know, when making those elaborate plans, was whether Pomegranite would still be around. To tell you the truth, I might not even have bet on us – which is perhaps why it was so easy to dream up dramatic entrances like that. It felt more like fantasy than reality.

How remarkable, then, not only to make it to the 10-year milestone so successfully, but for the primary reason for delaying our party to be that Liz was 37 weeks pregnant at that precise moment in time.

What a surreal, heart-expanding, dream of a reality.

So, while we’ve postponed Pomegranite’s party, we’re enjoying marking the milestone in other slightly more subtle, but no less meaningful ways:

Creating space for Liz to take six months maternity leave.

We always say that work should support life, not the other way around – could there be a more profound example of this?

Welcoming Melissa back from her own maternity leave with a very well-deserved promotion to Operations Manager.

Having this central, holding role within the business feels like one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. After choosing Melissa to fill it.

Creating a Pomegranite diversity, equity and inclusion policy, spearheaded by our social media strategist, Anja, who came up with this wonderful idea.

An important part of this process is making sure that this is not just a lofty document, but is woven into our culture and our work.

Updating our website to reflect the niche we’ve carved out for ourselves in the non-profit and education sectors.

These new words, combined with the “real” images of the team, make it feel like us – the “us” we’ve grown into in the last 10 years.

We say this every year, but we always mean it: thank you for being part of our journey. What began as a tiny business based on a plan written on a lounge floor in Long Street has grown into something that stands completely apart from me and Liz. A business with wonderful clients across the world who do such meaningful work, and, most importantly, a team of people with their own unique talents, passions and brilliant ideas who have helped take our little endeavor and make it even more beautiful than we could have imagined. And, I mean, we were imagining parachutes!

Here’s to the next 10 years! (You better believe I’m betting on us now…)

Pomegranite turns 10

P.S. Since the writing of this blog, Edith Florence Fletcher-Daniels has arrived! Pomegranite’s Slack channels were alive with heart emojis and appreciation of her perfect name. As Anja said: “Edith Florence Fletcher-Daniels! Already iconic tbh.”