Pomegranite’s 2nd Birthday Party

On Friday 21 August we celebrated Pomegranite’s 2nd birthday! Our celebration took the shape of a Pomegranite-themed quiz night. We were having so much fun that it slipped our minds entirely to document the event. In the endless sea of tedious office party Facebook albums we will offer you an alternative, albeit an accidental one. We have a few snapshots from a number of different sources (this accounts for the very necessary black and white editing), a slide or two from the quiz and the fantastic speech given by Sarah on the night. Enjoy:

“At Pomegranite’s first birthday party last year, Liz and I didn’t really plan on saying anything. It took us by surprise, after quite a few glasses of wine, when people suggested we say a few words. Which resulted in a bit of a rambling, emotional tumble of words. One of us cried (*side eyes*).

So this year, I decided to actually think about what I wanted to say – on behalf of us both.

I think, if you look at last year’s party compared to tonight, the one thing that shows you how far we’ve come in a year is that last year, you were drinking your wine out of paper cups. This year we have actual glasses.


We’ve grown in so many ways. We have such wonderful clients, some of whom have been there from the very beginning and are here tonight – and we’re so happy to be celebrating with you.


We’ve moved into new offices. And while we miss the Long Street office, which was such an awesome home when we were little – the witty banter about maggots and seeing Wilco in his wife’s jeans – moving to 75 Harrington has helped us grow in the most amazing way. So thank you to all the 75-ers who have been a part of our journey. You make our days. Like – all the time.

For me, the best part about growing has been hiring our two new Pomegranites. Riyad and Carla, in the vast sea of mediocre employees, we are so lucky to have found you guys. One of the biggest compliments I can give you both is that you have changed the nature of the business – not just because it means we could increase our capacity, but because you’ve each brought your own approach to work and life, your little quirks, and they have influenced the Pomegranite vibe in the very best way. The way you guys chirp and tease each other all the time makes me and Liz feel like proud lesbian moms.

Ri – thank you for your endless patience, your gentleness, your enthusiasm for philosophical debates. For backing away with wide eyes when met with three angry feminists. For never getting ruffled, even when clients are nothing short of ridiculous. For just being a wonderful human.

Carla – thank you for your genuine excitement about ALL the things. For being so goddamn full of initiative and just making things happen. For being so lovely and generous. For sharing your love of yoga with me. For learning so fast and telling us how much you love your job. Because we love you right back.

They say that the best way to test a relationship is to paddle the Duzi Canoe Marathon together. False. The way to test a relationship is to start a business together. Over the last two years Liz and I have paddled HARD. There have been rapids. We’ve had a few swims (one day Liz will tell you the story of how we somehow deleted the first website we built the night before we were supposed to show the client). But man, we’ve had fun. And there’s no one else in the world I would rather be paddling this boat with.

So thanks everyone for coming – it means so much to us.  And here’s to the next year. We can’t wait to see where it takes us.”