Pomegranite’s sixth birthday party

By Sarah

A couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Pomegranite’s sixth birthday with clients, service providers and friends who have supported us over the years. It’s always a lovely way to pause and take stock of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. And, of course, to say thank you to the people who have helped us get here.

As per tradition, we held a completely ridiculous quiz, which people got very into.



To kick things off, I said a few words, which we thought we’d share with you here.

Happy birthday, Pomegranite!

“This year we decided to return to tradition and host the party at our offices rather than a venue – so a special thanks to our office mates, Crush, who so graciously allowed us to disrupt their work to set up this afternoon. You guys are wonderful.

PomegraniteAfter our first birthday party when neither Liz nor I planned to say anything, and one of us ended up shedding a few tears in an impromptu emotional speech, I’ve made a point of writing a few thoughts down ahead of time. In doing so, in stopping and reflecting, there’s always been the feeling of – I can’t believe it’s been two years! Three, four, five years! But this time it feels a little different.

This year, six years feels about right. New enough to still have an element of thrill that we’re doing it – we’re running and growing a business. Look at that! And old enough to settle into the role of entrepreneur (something I’ve always thought I fell into a bit by default) with a little more ownership, confidence – and a sense of peace.

Not too long ago, one of our Pomegranites told me that this feels like the place they were always meant to be. And being part of having created a company culture that makes someone feel like that is something I’m more proud of than any money in the bank – though I’m proud of that too. Our culture is something we are very intentional about, and, for me, it’s one of the biggest measures of success.

Thanks to each and every one of you who have supported us along the way, speaking for both me and Liz.

Thanks to our clients who provide us with interesting, varied and meaningful work. In a given day, it’s not unusual for our work discussions to range from our country’s legal framework to the treatment of clubfoot in Africa, to increasing sign-ups to a yoga, meditation and creative journaling platform, to a school’s online applications, to photography for a private game reserve, to the sustainability of our oceans. This is not a boring job.

Thanks to our service providers who take care of things like tax, so we can focus on things like getting more interesting clients. If our amazing accountant, Britt, is on your quiz team you have a distinct advantage – just FYI.

Partnering with service providers we trust has made all the difference in getting to the six-year mark. I’d like to say a special thank you to our business coach, Anton, who has been the most wonderful sounding board over the years – and particularly for me in these last three months while rowing the Pomegranite boat solo for a little while. A few days ago I phoned him to chat about his website (where you can take amazing online business courses) but we ended up talking about a big business decision I had to make instead. When I apologised for hijacking the call with my own agenda, he said, “But Sarah, we are one.”

Thank you, Anton.

Thanks to all our wonderful friends and family who have cheered us on over the years. Your support is so important to us, and we appreciate every message, phone call and the odd hug when we’ve needed it.

Thanks especially to our partners, Joe and Lance (although Lance you are also thanked as a service provider, thank you for your excellence in design). Thank you both for your excellence in personality, love and support.

I am unspeakably happy that Liz will be coming back to work with a little…  extra sparkle in the accessory department. I hope I’m allowed to announce this, but CONGRATS on your engagement, Liz and Lance!

Speaking of Liz’s recent absence, I would like to say a massive thank you to Emma, who has stepped in and handled things while Liz was on sabbatical. The idea of a sabbatical started as an outrageous thought one day, something we didn’t dare dream could actually work – and we are both so grateful that you made it a reality for us. Thank you.

Thanks to our amazing network of freelancers – Bardin, our expert dev, Riyad our first Pomegranite (I KNEW we’d draw you in again somehow), Van, designer extraordinaire, and Lance – who you now all know.

And, of course, thank you to our Pomegranites.

Carla – we were very sad to see you go to the UK but have been so glad that we can continue working with you, even if for a couple hours a day. Thanks for fitting SO much into those two hours! And for always being ready to help me when I’m in a bind, even when it’s not strictly within your Pomegranite time. We really miss you in the office!

Nicole – it feels ridiculous that this is your first Pomegranite party. It feels like you must have been at all of them. You are just one of us, and were from the day you started. Thank you for your amazing work ethic, your great ideas, and your ever-expanding knowledge of social media which frankly makes me feel older by the day. You just seem to take everything in your stride, and I can’t wait to see where the social media arm of Pomegranite goes with you as the driving force.

Tom – you’ve really proved that there’s a lot of room for career growth even in a tiny company. Thank you for stepping into a project management role so well. Earlier this year when we were sitting at a boardroom full of people at a high profile client, I listened to you talk about digital marketing with such ease and confidence, and you made so many good points, and I was just so proud you were a Pomegranite. Thanks for being so conscientious in all you do. Your growth at Pomegranite has only just begun.

Liz – it has been one of my biggest joys since starting Pomegranite to make your sabbatical a reality and see you take this incredible journey – on the Camino, and, you know, in your soul. I am so proud of you. I am so proud to be doing this with you. You have shown me again and again that, when things get tough, you are right there with me. Shoulder to shoulder. And because of that, we can do hard things. But we are also really good at the fun stuff. And my God this has been fun, these last six years. Thank you for choosing me, for trusting me with your business idea after that cup of tea on that red couch so long ago. It’s been the biggest gift, in so many ways.”