Reconnecting with our work and what motivates us Pomegranite Online Presence Consultancy

Reconnecting with our work and what motivates us

Photo from Unsplash

By Liz

As we start a new year, I thought it would be a good time to reconnect with what’s important to each of us in our work. For my skills share, I simply asked everyone to write down their answers to three questions and share the answers. I was surprised and heartened by many of the answers and I think they give a good sense of who we are as a business.

Here are some of my highlights from what the team shared:

What do I get a kick out of in my job?
In other words, what parts of our job make us smile, give us energy and inspire us?
“Growing a relationship and building assets and processes for clients to grow that weren’t previously there.”
“Seeing clear results in a project, hearing positing feedback from clients – especially when social media can feel so intangible at times.”
“Seeing team members grow and develop in their roles.”
“Learning new things and the freedom to adopt new techniques and ideas to reach our goals for clients.”
“Celebrating wins together.”

How do I help clients?
This one’s pretty straight-forward but the answers show how our work is so much broader than the tasks in a brief.
“Solve problems that seem overwhelming to them and take care of issues that they aren’t even aware of.”
“Making clients’ products or services into something a wide audience can relate to.”
“I bring knowledge to help make strategic decisions, I find the right resources to achieve the client’s business goals and I make them feel seen.”
“Articulating who they are and how they’re different from their competition.”

Why do I choose this job?
We are all smart and capable people, so why do we choose this role at this company as opposed to another one elsewhere?
“This is where I have been helped to grow and learn, which I appreciate.”
“I can see the difference that our work is making.”
“The ability to choose clients.”
“I am able to self-manage, which suits me.”
“Because our clients are human, because there is room to grow and because we’re big on accountability.”
“Growing our own business and creating space for the team to make the role their own.”

Give these a try yourself – they’ll either fill up your tank and send you into the year with buoyancy and passion or they’ll or show you that it’s time to change course and find something that’ll make you feel valued and excited again.