How to survive winter at work

I am already ready for summer. It isn’t even really winter – but it sucks already.

I love a rainy, misty day spent in bed with books and tea. I don’t love walking to and from the bus/car in the rain, getting out of bed when it’s still dark, or taking my clothes off to get ready in the cold dark morning.

That being said, here are five tips to survive winter at work, and by survive I mean make it as pleasant as possible.

  1. Get dressed in bed. Plan your outfit the night before and in the morning get into your work clothes under the covers. Yes, this is quite an extreme suggestion, but it cushions the blow.
  2. Waterproof yourself. This isn’t the time to concentrate on being fashion forward. At the end of the day I want to be dry, not stylish. So make sure your rain jacket fulfils some of your style needs and all of your staying dry needs. This goes for shoes as well. And by shoes I mean boots and two pairs of socks.
  3. Take turns making tea. If everyone has a go you can have a lovely hot cup of tea for most of the day. If nobody wants to play educate your co-workers on the importance of tea and warmth and its link to productivity and general good vibes.
  4. Have a work blanket. Take a blanket to work and leave it there. On the really cold days/days when you have wet shoes because you disregarded point 1, you will be so much happier wrapped in a blanket.
  5. Make sure that you eat. When it’s colder our bodies have to work harder to stay warm. If you do not eat enough you will be cold. So be a grown up and pack some lunch. A few snacks never went amiss either.