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The Things That Matter

By Sarah

Some days everything flows and work is amazing and it feels like everything is just as it should be.

Other days, it’s just not. Not even close. On those other days, there are a few things that really matter.

1. Internet that works at a speed that allows you to still get away with the impression that you are a lovely, patient person. Easy-going. Relaxed. Not inclined to ever throw your computer out of the third-storey window.

2. A great classical playlist. Soothing, no lyrics to distract you from the reluctant words you’re trying to get onto a page. A handy way to block out the sounds of the goddamn mating pigeons who just refuse to GET A ROOM.

3. Colleagues who are inclined to be a little ridiculous. Because you could use a laugh. Or a laugh-cry. Also, colleagues whose eyes do not light up with panic if a laugh does turn into a cry. Life is hard. They get it.

4. Good coffee. Or tea. And milk that is not off. Or milk that you can cope with if you just add a very little bit and drink it quickly because it means you don’t have to go to the café across the road to buy some more.

5. The odd meeting with a potential client who is distractingly good-looking. Because sometimes you need to be reminded that there is beauty in this harsh world. Rugged beauty.

6. Lunchtime yoga. Because God bless the downward-facing dog and its whoooooosssaaaa-powers. #blessed

7. Friends who send you gifs of cute cats even though you’re not really a cat person, but you’re having the kind of day when you really appreciate a cute cat (even though it’s not a dog).

8. A business partner who says things like: “Don’t worry, I’ve got this, go for a walk.” You should really find one of those. But you can’t have mine. She’s taken. Soz.

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