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Our top five lunch spots

Photo from Pexels

– Carla

Working at Pomegranite means a multitude of things. One of these things is that we work really hard, another is that we are located at the top of Wale Street in the city center (a prime spot for most of our gustatory requirements). Eating amazing food makes us happy and gives us something to look forward to. And yes, sometimes we have second lunch. With all of this in mind, here are our top five lunch spots:

Siblings Bistro – 142 Buitengracht Street

siblings bistro Pomegranite
Toasted cheese, tomato and onions on a choice of white, rye or sourdough. Sumptuous potato wedges all topped off with a drizzle of balsamic reduction.

This toasted treat is a definite winner for 3 reasons:

  1. It is so yummy! All of us just love it and manage the humungous portions just fine.
  2. It is around the corner from our office.
  3. Balsamic reduction.

Food Lover’s Market – 122 St Georges Mall

food lover's market Pomegranite
Sandwiches, giant pizza slices, fresh salads and fresh rolls. Food Lover’s Market is our go to for a delicious, mostly healthy lunch. This Food Lover’s is spacious and well-laid out. There are tables to sit at to eat your lunch and the till system is super-efficient despite the major influx of people at lunch time.

Elixir Café – 120 Bree Street

elixir cafe Pomegranite
Home-made vegan chickpea curry rooti.

This rooti makes us feel loved and nourished. It is jam-packed with veggies and delicious chutney. Our advice: just go and try it!

Earth Fair Food Market – St Georges Mall (every Thursday from 12pm to 6pm)

earth fair market Pomegranite
This market is semi-mandatory at Pomegranite. There are so many delicious things to eat and pretty trees to sit under. Some of our favourites:

  • Spinach and feta quiche (R15!)
  • Grilled haloumi kebab, tzatziki and flat bread (R30)
  • Broekie brownies – cookie dough and brownie mix in one delicious go (R25)

Bread, Milk and Honey – 10 Spin Steet

bread milk and honey Pomegranite
Honestly just do yourself a favour and go to Bread, Milk and Honey for lunch. It seems impossible not to have a bloody delicious meal.

BM&H lays out a delicious, healthy spread for lunch everyday filled with salads, pasta, quiche, curries, all kinds of veggies and it is easy to load up your plate with way too much deliciousness.