Working with clients who do great things

By Sarah

We’re really lucky that we get to work with such a diverse range of clients – from schools to designers, architects, luxury safari guides, and impact investors.

We especially love working with clients who are doing incredible things to improve lives.

Steps – a social enterprise working for the eradication of clubfoot as a disability in southern and east Africa – was one of our very first clients, and we still work with them each month as they change children’s lives.

This month, along with their champion Cameron van der Burgh, Steps is running a “Steptember” campaign, raising funds for clubfoot treatment by challenging people to become “Steppers”.

“Commit to take as many steps as you can. Track and share your progress.

Ask your family, friends and workmates to sponsor the steps you take on your journey to support clubfoot children.

Challenge people you know to beat your number of steps.”

You can view all the “Steptember” campaigns here and donate, or create your own.

Here are our top five reasons why we donated to this amazing cause:

1. Every rand raised will go towards supporting the 2000 South African babies born every year with clubfoot – a common birth defect that, if left untreated, means difficulty in walking – for life.

2. R2500 supports one child through four years of treatment and transforms their future.

3. It’s super easy to create your own campaign. Steps have also created resources to help you, like a sponsorship sheet, a “Steptember” counter sheet, and even an email template you can send to people telling them about your campaign. You can download these here.

4. There will be great prizes up for grabs. Cameron van der Burgh is involved in the campaign. We’re not 100% sure if these two things are related (yet), but I’d say that’s a risk worth taking.

5. If you donate, you know that you’ll be helping kids just like this.