The 10 priceless lessons you walk away with when you leave Pomegranite

By Alex

I was firmly convinced that my interview with Liz and Sarah had gone terribly. It was raining so my Devil Wears Prada inspired outfit was hidden by the only rain coat I own (a Shrek-green monstrosity I borrowed from an ex-boyfriend and never returned) and I somehow completely missed the lift at the end of the hallway in our Wale Street offices so I quickly walked up five flights of stairs and arrived at the door panting with my fringe slightly stuck to my forehead. This obviously all screams: “Hire me!”

I’ve been part of the Pomegranite family for just over a year now and on Tuesday I leave for England to start a new, slightly damper adventure. I’ve spent the last two days training Pomegranite’s new Social Media Strategist, Mwabi, who I’m sure you’ll be introduced to via a quirky gif soon, so I thought I’d give her an ‘in’ and share my top 10 Pomegranite lessons.

  1. Second lunch is a thing
  2. Random capitalisation in headings is NOT a thing
  3. Take leave when you need it
  4. A Vogel Echinaforce drops can bring you back to life
  5. Pitch your mad (very expensive). Even though you might not be able to do it dreaming big is important because it leads to new ideas
  6. There is nothing wrong with lying stretched out on the office floor
  7. You will mess up – and most of the time if you’re honest with your team you can fix it
  8. If you need a plant looking after only give it to Carla
  9. On days when you feel small and unimportant remember that you’re helping someone bring what they love to life – you’re doing a good thing
  10. By the time you leave your work family you won’t remember the “real” way to spell Pomegranite, but that’s ok because the way we spell is the only way that counts.