Behind the scenes at Pomegranite’s very own photo shoot!

There are many things that go into the creation of a website other than the design, code and technical bits and bobs. There’s content, user experience, images and the general flow.

Here at Pomegranite we’re in the process of re-designing our online presence and this past weekend we had a photo shoot for our website.

Imagery on a website is one of the most important aspects as it relates not only to content but to design as well. The pictures used on a website can make or break a design.

When choosing your website images it is important to ensure that they speak to the overall tone of the website as well as the actual item or page on which it will be displayed. They are almost like the middle man between content and design that brings everything together.

Here’s a sneak peek of what happened:

We had done lots of brainstorming beforehand and decided that the pomegranate would be the star of the show.


We called on the skills of, – our fantastic photographer friend, to get the images we needed.



Shooting with intent, setting up the perfect shot

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Lights, camera, action!


There was some in-between time for a bit of banter

Deciding to shoot your own pictures does take some time and planning, and with the array of online stock image galleries to choose from you may not see the need to take your own. The thing is, when you take your own, you have complete creative freedom. It is the difference between finding an image online and trying to make it work, and having your own images that speak directly to your brand and ethos.