Congrats on three years with Pomegranite, Tom!

Three years ago, Tom joined our team as a social media manager (has it been that long already?!). This charming old soul’s hard work and dedication to the team has seen him grow into his current project manager role, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to have him as part of the Pomegranite family.

We chose him but we are very thankful that he also chose us. We have exciting plans for his future at Pomegranite, but first, when all this pandemic hoopla has settled, Tom will be taking his well-earned sabbatical and exploring distant lands. We couldn’t be more excited for him.

Here’s what he had to say about his time at Pomegranite so far:

What aspect of your work have you enjoyed the most?

The clients I have been able to work with, but also the team mates I have been able to work alongside. It is important to enjoy the work that you do and I think the people that you do it with are a large part of that. Of course, there will be tougher projects but I have always found that one’s team is what makes it easier. I have been extremely fortunate to work with, and still be working with, incredible people.

What’s been your favourite moment so far?

I am going to do a cop-out and say that my favourite moments have been connecting with my colleagues. Whether it is our yearly water slide pilgrimages (yes, you heard that right), or our lunches and sundowners (including my surprise bachelor party), or our dance-offs and sing-alongs (both out and in the office), or our hint hunts and pottery throwdowns (do not bash it till you have tried it), these have been cherished moments to connect with friends, because yes, that is what they have all become.

You started out here as a social media strategist and now you’re a project manager, what’s that been like for you?

It has been an incredible journey. Right from the start I said to Liz and Sarah that I wanted to work in a place where both the business and I could grow, and it has been exactly that. I have learnt so much by them putting faith in me to take up new roles and extra responsibilities.


Happy work anniversary, Tom!