Inspiration Day at the Aquarium

When was the last time you felt the wonder of stroking a whale’s tooth as tall as your whole body, the excitement of seeing tiny sea horses zoom around each other, or basked in the light of a 200 million litre shark tank? It had been a while for us. The Two Oceans Aquarium got us away from our screens, out of our heads and feeling like kids again.

First of all, everyone had a go in the ‘Nemo’ tank.

IMG_2383 (1)

Some of us played it cool…


while others became quite the attraction.


The view from inside: one big cuddly pile-on.


We wandered about, looking at the otherworldly underwater life…


_20150610_101314 _20150605_201842




and then settled in for the big show – the feeding of the loggerhead turtle and the rays.

DSC_0842 _20150605_201659

Due to popular demand, we headed off to find the penguins.


I particularly liked this little guy who seemed to be having an existential crisis.


Side note: Did you know Benedict Cumberbach can’t say “penguin”? The world discovered this when he did the voice-over for a documentary involving – you guessed it – penguins. Start at 3.15, it’s treat.

So Carla survived her first week, we got to have some fun together and we spent some valuable time talking about our vision for Pomegranite. It definitely feels like we’re all swimming in the same direction.