The real joys of job-hunting

At the end of this month I will have been working at Pomegranite for 3 months. This, for me, is a reason to celebrate.

I began the year jobless. In February I started working at an awful company (which lasted for a day and a half), and then I searched for a job in my disillusioned state until the middle of May. In the middle of May I made my acquaintance with Pomegranite and hooray for me – I landed the job.

new office space

The most important thing I have learnt from 2015 and my three months at Pomegranite is that it costs nothing to be kind, light and just plain nice (to use a terrible but appropriate word).

In addition to this I have acquired a variegated and ever-growing list of skills. Here are a few of the highlights:

• My image editing has developed considerably
• I have acquired awesome HTML skills (watch out internet – I know how you work now)
• My writing has improved as a result of constructive and kind criticism
• Twitter is no longer completely foreign to me
• I have developed wonderful interpersonal relationships not only with my fellow Pomegranites but also with the wonderful people who work on the third floor with us

Most importantly I feel valued at Pomegranite and this is a wonderful feeling to have. It adds purpose to my life and a sense of belonging.


If I could give any piece of advice to the first time job hunters out there I would say wait until it feels right (within reason of course) because getting out of bed at 6am is a lot easier when you look forward to work!