Working with Pomegranite: How it all began

Ask a web developer to “please write a quick blog post”, and you will see panic in his eyes. Luckily, our lovely Riyad is multi-talented (and has wonderful things to say). Here’s his take on working with Pomegranite so far.

It’s been just over a month since I started working with Liz and Sarah and it’s been great! We’ve actually known each other for some time as I had done a lot of freelance work for them over the last couple of years, and I’ve also got to know them a bit along the way.

A little about Liz

Liz is a creative soul and her office antics include random drama exercises – I think my last brief was given in the style of Hamlet. Cheese and tomato rolls (I’ve noticed she likes these) and general shenanigans.


Quiet at times but always on the right side of wit. She’s always ready for a slice of cake (actually they’re both always up for cake). She’s a social media guru and always just has a cool vibe.

In the office

The best thing has to be the support and cohesive way that things are done. We are all contributors to any project and everyone’s ideas are taken into account. There’s also a great amount of understanding and ownership by everyone; we all take responsibility for work and fill in gaps where we can.

Sometimes it’s the office happenings that just make it all worth it.

(Please note: the man in the photo above is NOT Riyad. It was just the first nice “office vibe” pic I came across on my phone. Time is money, guys! The pic below was taken by Riyad.)