How to grow your Instagram following with Display Purposes

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By Keisha

When I get a new follower on Instagram, the number of followers they have plays quite a big role in my deciding whether or not to follow them back. There are other contributing factors too, like the aesthetic of their feed and the number of people that they are following back.

With social media sites and their ever-changing algorithms, it’s tough to find a method or tool to grow your following that works and can withstand the effect of their latest change. I have spent my fair share of time on Pinterest and in Facebook groups searching for ways to grow my Instagram following. Naturally, they’d tell you to post often, post good content and use relevant hashtags as far as possible.

I started posting good quality content daily, which was difficult, and as a result, I started taking pictures all the time to ensure that I always had something to post. This increased my following but not substantially, and I eventually got tired of it. I later tried using relevant hashtags and that approach definitely worked better in terms of engagement and growing my following.

Once I discovered, there was an overall increase in a shorter space of time. Having found a site that actually works in terms of engagement, I was ecstatic and wanted to keep posting images but later realised that this isn’t Facebook and I am not a brand, so one post a day would suffice.

Display Purposes is a hashtag generator. If you add a word in the search bar, 30 relevant hashtags will automatically pop up; all that you have to do is copy and paste these hashtags as the first comment on your post and watch the magic take place within the first hour after posting.

The cool thing about this site is that it also gives you the percentage of relevance and popularity per hashtag. You will receive engagement and followers with each picture that you post. The totals are not going to skyrocket overnight but when you look at the amount of growth you’ve received in one month, you will be pleasantly surprised.

On Instagram, each hashtag belongs to a gallery of images. When people search that hashtag, all images that are tagged with that hashtag appear in that gallery. So, the more hashtags you use, the more galleries your work will appear in. The hashtags search result that Display Purposes gives you filters out all spam and banned hashtags so you don’t need to worry about that.

If you feel that 30 hashtags is a bit much, you can set the total to any number you’re comfortable with. There is a cool maps option that allows you to use hashtags that are trending in a specific area by just zooming into it. This is particularly helpful if you are trying to engage with local followers.

The final option is the graph option – it allows you to search for a hashtag and it will show you the ‘neighbourhood’ in which that hashtag lives. The ‘neighbourhood’ refers to the hashtags which the hashtag is commonly posted alongside.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go out and do it for the gram.

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