It all starts somewhere (the reminder of a Facebook memory)

By Liz

I have mixed feelings about those Facebook memory posts. You know the ones, they appear first thing in the morning announcing, with confetti, “on this day four years ago…” and a photo of you in the arms of an ex-boyfriend that makes you cringe inside. That’s no way to start the day. It’s like running into your old self on the street, a twin you enthusiastically wearing your old clothes, obliviously making your old mistakes. You’re confronted with the person you were, a person who has changed. Mostly, I wanted to drag that historical twin into the nearest doorway and pack her away into a cupboard.

But this morning, Sarah opened Facebook, saw this and sent it to me:


It was the first time we had seen each other since we had lived in Ireland together in 2008. Over cups of tea in a cosy Vredehoek coffee shop, we packed it all in: the years since then, our loves, our lives, our travels and our plans. We also laughed until we cried about a boy I had kissed one Guinness-fueled night in a pub and the roast chicken we made every Sunday.

That was the seed of Pomegranite. That conversation reconnected us as we were both building lives in Cape Town. It was the beginning of a longer conversation about how we wanted our lives to look and how we wanted to work. It was the start of building this business together.

Since then, we’ve worked with almost 80 clients, sent 264 invoices, hired two incredible people and had one helluva ride.

Why am I telling you this? Because next time you’re able to catch up or connect with someone you respect, go have that cup of tea because you never know where that might lead. Today’s memory on Facebook was a very happy reminder of that.