Fostering a culture of continuous learning

Photo from RawPixel

By Liz

We’re part of a world that continuously pushes us to become better at what we do. But to do that we need to upskill ourselves. For many of us, taking time at the office to learn something new sounds like a scenario you would only encounter if you worked in Silicon Valley. But that’s simply not true.

At Pomegranite we’re incredibly proud of the fact that we don’t waste time. If you’re finished with your work an hour early – go home. And if you’re waiting for client feedback and you have an hour to spare – go learn.

We’re all a little nerdy at Pomegranite. From bookworms and history buffs to IT wizards, we all thrive on learning new things. Last year we sent Carla back to school to the Friends of Design HTML5, CSS and Responsive Design part-time course (you can read more about it here). It was a lot of hard work and late nights, but the difference it’s made to our day-to-day operations has been amazing. Carla was excited to practice what she’d learnt and has built beautiful websites because of it. On more than one occasion Sarah would announce “How amazing is this? You’re right here and you can help fix a problem just like that.”

We completely understand that not everyone has the time or capacity to attend a course after work. But there are plenty of things your team can do right at their desks to upskill themselves. They can spend an hour watching a YouTube tutorial, read a white paper on the trends in your field or do a short course on Linkedin Learning to be officially endorsed for a skill. Everyone can feel a little bored by their job every now and again. By creating time in the day to help your employees actively improve, you’re preventing stagnation. This leads to increased job satisfaction and helps keep a great team together.

Ultimately, taking the time to establish a business culture of continuous learning benefits everyone and who wouldn’t want to take steps to build a happier and better team?