Social media algorithm changes and the personal touch

The word ‘algorithm’ can send shivers down your spine if you’re not mathematically inclined. I think of millions of numbers in really tiny font that I can’t understand, and it’s stressful.

Today, whether we like it or not, we are all part of mass data-processing operations that determine the media content we are exposed to as well as the general online presence we create. Over the last few months, Facebook and Instagram have made major changes to their algorithms. I can sense that you’re inclined to whisper: “So what?”. But don’t, because these changes most likely mean your business’ social media content strategy will need to change.

So to make it all simpler I have:

  • broken down what has changed,
  • highlighted what this means for you and
  • made suggestions on how to promote a healthy online presence.


How does the algorithm affect my client’s newsfeed?

Facebook and Instagram’s algorithm changes aim to create “high quality content” by automatically filtering newsfeed content based on user history, the types of posted ‘liked’ and who users engage with the most. This means that people see more posts from their friends and family and less advertisements.

What does this mean for your business?

Simply put, your content needs to generate organic engagement. Therefore your posts have to be good enough to share.

Tell your unique story

The golden nugget here is the power of storytelling. People are bombarded with advertisements every day, so to set your business apart, focus on the unique story of your brand and customers. User-generated content creates invaluable one-to-one engagement, allowing customers to feel that, in a world of 1.5 billion users, your brand cares about them. So in return they’ll care about you.

The 6 levels of social media user engagement